The Story of Slave trader (Bushr –ibn- Sollomon Nakas)

There are some connections between Imam Mahdi (PbuH) and Christ, in several aspects. One of these connections is his honorable mother.

It is cited from Prophet Mohammad (PbuH) that:

“Mahdi is one of my descendants. His face shines like bright moon. His color is Arabic and his stature is Israeli.”

It is implied in this quotation that Mahdi inherits from his mother the stature traits of Israelis.

Shiite records emphasize that the mother of Imam Mahdi is lady “Melika” who hided her true name and were called and renowned by the name of “Narjes”. She is from one of royal families of Byzantine empire.

In this part we recite what Mr. Saeed Ayub has written is his valuable book, “The Idea of Anti-Christ” which is relevant to the subject:

“The party which faces Anti-Christ, his followers and heretic me
n of church, is Islam. The leader of this party is the promised Mahdi.

Prophet Mohammad (PbuH) said: “Mahdi is my namesake.” Does the bearer of this name conforms whit the name which is mentioned in Gospel whit its marks?


“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him [was]called Faithful and True [which is the title of Prophet Muhammad],”

and it is written in Islamic texts that Mahdi conduct in a manner which fills the earth with truth and justice just after it is full of tyranny and injustice. There is an equivalent mark in the Revelation”

“and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

It is cited in Islamic origins about Mahdi’s lineage from Prophet Mohammad:

“Mahdi is from my lineage and of Fatima (PbuH)”

In this regard it is written down in Revelation:

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars, …, And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron”

And it is commented that she is an honorable and excellent lady which the lineage of the one [Mahdi] is from her.

The descendants of this lady face many perils and disasters and evil forces shall fight with her remained posterity – which act on god’s will. The crown of the lady is mark of leadership and twelve stars are the name of apostles.

In my opinion if Mahdi is one of the lineage of Fatima (PbuH) and he is the last leader, then it is natural to think that all of his brothers are known for Jews and Christians. They are stems and leaves of one tree which is raised from the lady of sun and moon.

The Story of Slave trader (Bushr –ibn- Sollomon Nakas)

There is a quotation in Shiite reliable texts like “Kamal-ul-din” of Sadook and “Al-ghaiba” of Tusi which its most important parts will be cited here:

“Bushr-ibn-Sollomon the Nakas is from the lineage of “Ansar” in Medina and he resides in Samarra. He is one of the neighbors of Imam Hadi (PbuH).

One evening Imam Hadi sends his steward “Kafur” to the slave trader. He present himself to Imam Hadi in due time and Imam assign him to purchase a bondwoman with certain specifications.

Quotations about this event remark that Imam proceeded a little after the civil war in Baghdad (251-252 H) which happened between years 253-254; when Baghdad resumes to its normal activities after the disastrous civil war.

This purchase was done close to Maabar-al-Serah, a stream which stems from Tigris in Baghdad. The Bondwoman tells her exciting story to Nakas:

Her true name was Melika daughter of Joshua Caesar of Eastern Roman empire and her mother is from lineage of one of apostles, Simon – the successor of Jesus Christ. Her grandfather decided to marry her with a prince and general in the court but an event prevented him.

Little girl saw in a dream that Arabic prophet [Mohammad (PBuh).] nominate her for one of his sons. This exciting and joyful dream, caused her to develop fever.

She is a wise girl who knows Arabic language and is kind and respectful to Muslims. She has devised a plan for reaching Baghdad. She participated in war and became prisoner. When they ask her name she called herself Narjes which was a typical name for bondwomen. Thus she found herself in slave market.

Let’s take a look to what was happening in north and north-eastern frontiers, where Islamic and Roman empires were fighting each other. We can trace these series of battles and attacks from the conquest of Ammuria which took a disastrous form at the time of Empress Theodora. She was the regent of his young son Michael III.

We focus on the battles of 249-252 which is recorded on Islamic and Roman texts. In 253H (867AD) an important event occurred which is more significant than the others. Basil’s Coup and his decisive efforts and revolution which followed it, put and end to Amorian dynasty and founded the Macedonian Dynasty.

“So we pass by Nicephorus I (802) and his wars with Harun aI-Rashid; Michael I (811-13), dethroned and tonsured into monkhood because of his defeat by the Bulgars; Leo V the Armenian (813-20), who again forbade the worship of images, and was assassinated while singing an anthem in church; Michael II (829) the illiterate “Stammerer,” who fell in love with a nun, and persuaded the Senate to entreat him to marry her; Theophilus (829-42), a legislative reformer, royal builder, and conscientious administrator, who revived the Iconoclastic persecution, and died of dysentery; his widow Theodora, who as an able regent (842-56) ended the persecution; Michael III “the Drunkard” (842-67), whose amiable incompetence left the government first to his mother and, after her death, to his cultured and capable uncle Caesar Bardas. Then suddenly a unique and unexpected figure appeared on the scene, overthrew every precedent except violence, and founded the powerful Macedonian dynasty.

Basil the Macedonian was born (8I2?) near Adrianople of an Armenian peasant family. As a child he was captured by Bulgars, and lived his youth among them beyond the Danube, in what was then called Macedonia. Escaping in his twenty-fifth year, he made his way to Constantinople, and was hired as groom by a diplomat who admired his physical strength and massive head. He accompanied his master on a mission to Greece, and there attracted the attention, and some of the wealth, of the widow Danielis. Back in the capital, he tamed a spirited horse for Michael III, was taken into the Emperor’s service, and, though quite illiterate, rose to the position of lord chamberlain.

Basil was ever convenient and competent; when Michael sought a husband for his mistress, Basil divorced his peasant wife, sent her to Thrace with a comforting dowry, and married Eudocia, who continued her services to the Emperor. Michael supplied Basil with a mistress, but the Macedonian thought he deserved the throne as reward. He persuaded Michael that Bardas was plotting to depose him, and then killed Bardas with his own enormous hands (866). Long accustomed to reign without ruling, Michael made Basil co emperor and left him all the tasks of government. When Michael threatened to dismiss him, Basil arranged and supervised his assassination, and became sole emperor (867).”

And some other points

Theophilus died at 227H (841AD), in the same year that Mu’tasam passed out. He was born in Ammuria which was taken by Muslims at 223H (837AD). His youngest son Michael III, ruled six years and form regency council directed by his mother Theodora and his uncle Caesar Bardas. Her mother was sole emperor for fourteen years and raised intense battles against Muslims and killed twelve thousand Muslim prisoners. Her brother Caesar Bardas imprisoned her in a monastery. She died in 867AD, the same year in which Basil took power. It is a question whether she died of natural causes or not.

Bardas became Caesar and emperor after his sister’s imprisonment. It should be noted that he is called Caesar in historical records.

These events conform to the words of lady Narjes. Existence of Caesar Bardas who is emperor is brightly mentioned in lady’s report. At 252H (867AD), Basil assassinates Caesar Bardas and then Michael III, then proclaims himself emperor, and puts an end to amorian dynasty. Basil is known as an uneducated, harsh and bloodthirsty character in history.

Desertion of Amorian family supports refuge and straggling of court princesses. Lady Narjes appearance in the year of military coup which is mentioned in the report of Bushr-ibn-Solomon and Imam Hasan Askari’s (PbuH) acquaintance with a bondwoman in the house of his aunt which is from royal family, is also supportive.

The story of Imam Mahdi is not normal, but like the story of all prophets it is full of miracles and strange happenings. Many quotations of Ahl-al-bait refer to similarity of Imam Mahdi and some of prophets. The Dream of Lady Narjes is comparable with attractive stories recited in Quran like the story of Prophet Joseph which starts with a dream about stars and concludes by its realization, and in the middle of the story, the dream of the king is recited which makes the case more attractive.

If the dream of Lady Narjes is in the path of divine prophesy then it is very probable. Holy Quran is full of bright evidences of this fact. Moses is born and raised in an unusual way and Lady Maryam born his son, Jesus Christ, under a tree miraculously, and our prophet Mohammad is descendant of two sacrifices. Ismael was so close to sacrifice before the opening of heaven. There were just some spider webs between Prophet Muhammad and the swords of Quraish. Abraham entered in the middle of fire and god made fire, cold and safe. Thus god determined Melika to be the mother of savior. God expelled the man who was not desired by her and destined another husband for her. God set it down to rescue her from the events of revolution which preyed amorian family, and directed her through an exciting journey –which its detail is unknown to us – to Baghdad and then Samarra.

Imam Hadi, Chose a wise girl from descendants of apostles for his son, but the promised son should not have any uncle to search for him. Thus this bondwoman lived anonymous but as it is quoted she is the “lady of bondwomen”



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