Imam Mahdi (AR) in the word of Imam Hussein (PBUH)

The holy Imam Mahdi Arouhnalh redemption, is introduced in religions book as a revenger of killing of Karbala, and fallowing of Imam Mahdi AR is one of the biggest wish for Shias. In each Ashura the Shias condolence each other with these words:

God rewards us in mourning of Imam Hussien PBUH and make this reward more and more and place you as a member of group that fallows Imam Mahdi grandson of Muhammad to revenge the blood of Imam Hussein.

In one word, the name of Hussein PBUH and Mahdi AR for Shias is reminding an unfinished narrative. The narrative which began with Imam Hussein and will be finished with Imam Mahdi AR. In Shia beliefs Imam Hussein and Imam Mahdi has meaning full and unseparated relation to each other, so we point to some of the valuable things that Imam Hussein said about his son Mahdi AR.
1.Genealogy of Mahdi AR

The holy Imam Hussein PBUH has said in frequent narratives that Mahdi AR is his grand grandson of him. Some of the narratives are collected here:

I went to grandfather the Messenger of Allah PBUH, he put me on his knee and said: O Hussein God has chosen 9 Imam from your generations. The 9th of them is the uprising. All of them are the same and equal from the position and wisdom in God view.(4). The fact that Imam Mahdi PBUH is descendent from Hussein PBUH and is his 9th grand son of him has came in many Shia and Sunnis books. So there is no doubt about name and characteristics of the Imam of apocalypse.

I entered to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and saw that he kisses Hussein s eyes and mouth while Hussein was sat on his knee. On that time The Prophet has said: Thou a man, son of man, Thou an Imam, son of Imam, you a proof, son of proof and you are father of the 9th proof of your generation. The 9th one is the resurrecter. 5

2.Imam Mahdi S justice

Justice and having a society based on justice is the eternal aspiration for the people of all ages. During thousands of years which the human being had lived till now, too many people tried to reach it and tried for justice for better life, but a few people in a few place was success to reach this aspiration for a short time. Justice is something so far from today’s man.

With regard to this subject, there are various narration from Prophet Mohammad PBUH and the holy Shia Imams which points to the point that justice and elimination of oppressions is one of the biggest duty of Imam Mahdi (Hurry Almighty God reappearance Sharif) and the real justice is just comes with Imam Mahdi.

Among these narration we point to narration of Imam Hussein:

If there is one day left till the big bang, the God made the day such long that a man from my generation rise up and make the oppression world full of justice. I heard it from the Prophet Mohammad PBUH.6) The holy prophet of Islam describes the justice rise up of the 9th grand grandson of Imam Hussein: the God put Imams from Imam Hussein s son who behaves according to my manner and procedures. The 9th of them is the up riser of my group. He is so similar to me from the face, talk and deeds. He will appeared after a long absence, and shows the way of God for the confused people and then the world would be full of justice.7

3.The patient in absence of Mahdi(Hurry Almighty God reappearance Sharif)

One of the pillar of waiting for Mahdi is patience and persistence. A waiting person is someone who tolerates all the hardships with the hope of reaching his aspirations and dreams. This person did not afraid of the cruel and pagans. There for in narrations patients and waits comes together. There is a great virtue for the one who patient for appear of Imam Mahdi. The holy Imam Hussein who is the greatest epitome of patience and resistance in God s way has said about the position and rank of the one who is patient in Mahdi s absence: there is 12 Mahdi among the inmate of the Prophet, the first one is Ali the son of Abotaleb, and the last is the 9th grand grandson of me, he is the up riser of Rights

And God will make the death earth, new and alive by him. The right religion will conquer others while the pagans were dis satisfied. During his absence a group of people becomes pagan and a group stand on their religions and believes to God, the pagans begin to seize the worshipers and will ask them where this Imam is if you are right? the one who is patient against these seize is like a man who jihads with the Prophet.8

According to narrations: We may say there are a lot of virtues for the patients in absence, and these virtues made them to tolerate difficulties. As Imam Sadeq has said: don’t let the Satan stimulate you, the real virtue is in God and the prophets and the worshipers but the hypocrites does not know. You must know when somebody waits for our eternal aspirations and dreams and tolerates the hardship of the way will be stands in our group in resurrection day.9

4.The characteristics of Mahdi

The holy Mahdi is extracts and pressed of the universe, and haired of all the prophets and Imams. All the virtues are gathered in his holy spirits, in another word he is the owner of all goodness in all bodies. Here we points to narrative from Imam Hussein: there is traditions from all prophets in Mahdi)H), a tradition from Noah ,a tradition from Ibrahim a tradition from Jesus a tradition from Job and a tradition from Mohammad PBUH: Noah lifetime, hidden birth of Abraham and retired from people, Moses fear and absence of society Jesus difference to people about him Job opening after the hardships and disasters Muhammad PBUH resurrection with sward.

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2. Same, Imam Hussein′s pilgrimage praying on Ashura Day. In some part of it, it is read: “We seek to God to make great position to us by helping Mahdi from Muhammad′s Ahlulbayt to revenge Imam Hussein′s blood.

3. Same.

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