Global Call For Our Savior

“In God we trust”

We, in 12th Imam web site, have been trying to introduce the true face of the “Apocalypse” and the “Promised Savior” to people around the world.

Currently, the enemies of God, no matter from which religion or race, have destroyed all religious signs and symbols and as far as they could, have defamed all the sacred.

We believe that God has created us, and someday He would surely ask us about our good and bad deeds. We have gathered here to do our best to present the “Promised Savior” to the people around the world, logically and academically, referring to the past literatures of Muslims, Christians, Jews and so forth.

This website has launched on June 30, 2013 and during last month it has had nearly 220,000 visits. Its mission is described as clarifying the 12th Imam (Muslims′ Promised Savior), doubts attributed to him, his re-appearance and the Apocalypse.

In this regard, we are proud to call everybody who feels such a challenge in his/her life to sincerely join us and exchange any data and information in this vital subject.

Please join us by sending information, comments, audio files, video files and whatever you can. For any idea which can lead people to make the life better and make easier and faster the re-appearance of him, YOU ARE WELCOME.


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  1. hamid zare
    hamid zare says:

    hello my friend
    your site is too weak
    i tried to help you with my website
    but your server did not respond and overloaded!
    our compony can help your website for free
    reply me by email

  2. ali
    ali says:

    I’m iranian and I’m intrested in helping your perfect website
    I will be happy if I could help

    for the first step I’ll introduce you to my friends but if any other thing I can do,I will be happy

    a question: can we send informations and titles in persian?

  3. ali
    ali says:

    Thank you very much
    I am sharing your articles in facebook and Google plus.

    اجرتون با خدا آقا صاحب الزمان 🙂
    یا علی


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