Christianity Believes

Some Christians believe that coincides with the year 2000, a new era for humanity will emerge. But another group of them believe that at that time there exist some problems.

For example, the former President of the Great Britain [1] interprets third World War as steps leading to transformation i.e.: The gift of twenty first century is vital struggles which affect all the humanity civilization and causes some problems such as extra population, limited nature sources, air pollution and poverty are some of them.

One of the disciples named Peter wrote: “and god endorsed it”. [2]

We read in peter2, (13/3): “Paradise and new earth which we are expecting according to his promise. And there is a nice life and they believe that Jesus Christ is the lawyer of that paradise. [3] He promises all the good people that all of them will reside at the paradise.

In Jewish books, Paul calls innocent and good people as “Heaven deserved “and Jesus interprets them as his consort and Companions of Paradise. [4]

Paul says in 5,6 versus about the day matter “Noah” like this: “All the Haven and the Earth are ready here and all the people are present for accounting day and destruction of godless people.

Paul explains in 13 versus that “god’s day” will bring out a special Purity and cleanliness with itself and a new earth and paradise will be rehabilitated.

In Revelation chapter (Detection, announcement) a war is the symbol of fanfare. Jesus Christ is at Heaven and afterwards his Heaven belonged army will appear. A war will commens against kings and commanders and their army and people will be divided into huge and small groups and god’s day (Doomsday) will arrive after that. [5] The Revelation interpreter is talking about the most insidious i.e. The Satan.

He says In Revelation: “I see the paradise and the new earth in which there will be no guard man.” Exactly like what we saw in Isaiah Chapter [6] and chapter 3, Paul 2. Therefore we get enough confidence that there will be a revolution in human being life.

At this new atmosphere, god will be a companion for human and will prepare all sort of benefits for him.[7] John continues in 45th versus as: “He (God) removes tears from eyes and no death will exist there and no groans and cries of any body will be heard”. God says: “Look that we renew all things. Write it down because those are pure truths”.

God will remove all the tears which have appeared as a consequence of Suffering and Frustration and damage for human beings. Just as john says in (35/11) : “In the Heaven and in the new Earth, human life will not be affected by nowadays suffering”.

God will full fill his promise and will vary the conditions of earth in order to strengthen faith to it away. And at that time the world of real righteous will make its appearance.

In the other world people will be supported and will realize the joy of life and security and if someone is going to rise against god, he will not be alive even for a while. [8] At that time social justice will emerge and human beings will be satisfied for their efforts and will see the fruits of sufferings.

“Wolf and sheep will eat next to each other and lions will eat grass like quadruped and food for Satan will be nothing except ashes and animals will not harm the holey mountain.”

[1] Sir Michael Atiyah.

[2] Paul 2,(20/3).

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