Buddha beliefs

Religions have assumed some scales for human being’s future. Specially The religions sent by the god. Even in Buddha commands, he himself has predicted human’s future. Buddha believes that in future, people will face a period of uncertainty and crisis.

People in crisis in the community, will be of the kind of exploitative, oppressive and absurd. They will interpret badness as the exact goodness and suppose no border between good and evil and just respect sexuality and tend toward a luxury life.

Children behavior will change in a manner that their parents will not realize it and this is a situation that no religion expects that.

After wards society enters new period. A period in which people gain a great spiritual growth, one which is called “SRIARAYA METTRAI” in “Polly” language. The word by word meaning of these words is as follows:

SRI=integrity, complimentarily

ARAYA= Civilization

METTRAI=Beneficent and merciful

The overall meaning of the mentioned phrases is as follow: a civilized society, full of conciseness and in the highest level of complimentarily will emerge; and everybody living at that community will completely enter the atmosphere called “Dhamma” and a great transformation will appear in human’s society and he will appear in the form of a human being who is called “SRIARAYA METTRAI”. He is riding on the back of a white camel and comes from desert. A large number of his companions whose count is more than ten thousands will company him. Trees full of foliage “KALAPA PRUEK” will fill the corners of the city. Some trees whose fruits are magical. [3] And it is a symbol for a calm and fertile location. The land of happiness and the creation of a totally mercy world will come true and the human being will enter the basically “Dhamma” of the last religion. Religion of humanity, the world for totally understanding and conciseness people, a world which all people will joy to remind it. Awaking land, totally completion and integrity land.

The human mind will be free from pride and sensuality; and will be replaced with knowledge; wisdom and blessing of prophet’s miracles and all parts of the land will be mired in deep calm and somewhere beyond space and time. Everywhere is full of mercy and kindness and human behavior will be free of ambition and exploitation, suffering, pain and Hassle. Neither one is strayed nor someone may make others strayed. A person who is standing on the highest point of “Dhamma” with use of his awareness and vision will try to comprehend the nature of all alive creatures whether plant or animals without polluting the nature with his poison.

The current world is developing calmly until reaches this degree, but in order to achieve it, it must pass some crisis including: intelligence crisis, political, economical and cultural crises.

They have to taste the bitter taste of injustice, pain and suffering, in order to get that nice environment.

That is the time when they succeed to realize the detour ways of life. Then they change their way to the new way of the truth to find an awareness that is proper for their society. Again they continue their ways until achieving an absolute awakeness, expand the territory of their mind until complete achievement of integrity dimensions, at last, their complete souls will be mortal in God [4] and will remain wise intellectuals forever.  Intellectuals free of pride,[5] because pride and self sufficiency comes out of ignorance. The world, makes human busy to itself, while the human’s mind of evolution era, is overfilled with wisdom, enlightenment and pure clemency. The School of thought, calls all people to development and the theme of safe thought is possible and ready for all intellectual and awake people. In Buddhism these people are called transcendental [6] or complete human [7]. It means people who stayed away from Evil and bad things. If a person have an honest, innate (natural) and pure life, continue doing unaffected, free and without any exploitation Dhamma  trainings, and is acclimatized with supreme human duties, can achieve  the end (final) of Dhamma, which is called “Dhamma Asankata” in Pali language. That is the time when all the world will move to the prosperity, because every change in people`s condition in the world has a direct relation with their way of thinking. According to Buddha`s commands, everyone who want to change the world, first should change his mind.

If people can create the ” Asankata Dhamma” atmosphere with combining their minds together with sense of sympathy, all the world will move toward the correlation, peace and calm. There will be a deep change in plant`s growing, the number of livestock and poultries will increase. Everything that is poisonous will disappear and a merciful atmosphere will appear between human, animals and plants. And this era is called “Sri Arya Mettrai”. Era of achieving knowledge, an era when Dhamma is the same human and human is the same Dhamma. An enlightened human, with the most complete mental capabilities, the most complete wisdom, and the most complete knowledge is the result of this era. Political rulers of society, all endorse this belief that leading the society and legislation should be in restriction of Dhamma. According to Buddha`s comments, the religion is neither a dictatorship nor a [complete]democracy [9]; and nor from the ignorance and materialistic regulations. And such a regime in which legislation is done by Dhamma, is called the best kind of regime.[10] This word reclaims the fact that justice should be observed the same for everybody in community. No injustice, hypocrisy and illegal action will be hidden from the eyes of the law. The Dhamma`s government pattern is based on human being freedom and never lets human to be restricted in material world or be the slave of his lust, because these actions mislead  human gradually and  impair his mind and move him forward up to complete destruction.

In such a society free terms for human development will be more readily and the man`s soul achieves complete perfection and will have the capability to achieve the top grade of perfection in this material world.  The purpose of the laws is to establish a social justice which lets the man`s mind grow and confront against the inner evil.

The  purpose of the world in the near future, is to educate the transcendental man, and, when the new generation is born and grow in such an atmosphere, can assume the responsibility of educating a better generation in future, in such an environment, relaxation, peace, purity and Intellectual appear too and social damages fade.

Human`s beliefs about after death life is in two types:

A group believes that the death is the end of the life; hence, they spend all their lives achieving comfort and luxury.[11]

The other group believes that there is a new life after death; therefore they spend their lives to worshipping and being pious.[12] But Buddha believes that an open-minded person is looking for a balancing life.[13] Because if a person has a sedate mind, will have a proper behavior, honest speech, and correct acting, too. And he is the person who realizes the life process but instead, an unaware person should compensate his unawareness until his last moments of life.

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