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“Ahmad” – Gospel’s Promised Savior

One of the ways that we can identify “a Prophet” is that his prophecy proves by finality reasons by clarifying next prophet coming and deny any doubt when they want to reconciling. Islam prophet’s prophecy has proved with certain reasons, in addition his prophecy, his name and his feature was clarified in previous prophet’s book […]

Mahdi, the Promised, in Torah

The verses concerning the Redeemer have barely been mutilated and embezzled by the adversaries, among the holy scriptures of Judaism. Some people have considered this action as a result of intense trend to the Redeemer issue, as ‘Harambam’ (Moshe Ben Meymun) one of the grandee and majors of Judaism says: “Any Jew, who doesn’t believe […]

Logic and End of the world (Apocalypse)

Since the time that our holy prophet defined the reappearance of the Savior in the end of the world, muslims were always thinking about that. This conception was so confirmed as far as many times that there were rising of fake claims. These pretenders even change some of the prophet’s Hadith (traditions) and try to […]

The 12th Imam and longevity

This such longevity is not usual among the world’s people. These days longevity has become a common subject because these latest years and decades we have faced some specified people who are 150-250 year-old in magazines and newspapers. In our point of view the 12th Imam′ longevity is not a problem; it is just a […]

The Anti-Christ in the Bible

The theory of being Anti-Christ of the Popes was spread gradually by three ancient groups namely Albigenses, Waldenses and Fratcellis between 11th and 16th centuries. Yet, whether are these [Popes] the interpreters whom Christian churches must intake the real interpretations of the prophecies of? Esmael Nematollahi Introduction: In all Abrahamic Religions the subject matter of […]

The signs of reappearance of Imam Mahdi

Innumerable narrations contain the signs and symbols of the reappearance of Hazrat Wali-e-Asr Imam Mahdi (a.s.) Janab Sheikh Sadooq and Allamah Majlisi (May Allah Shower His blessing on them) the highly acclaimed Shia scholars have described these narrations among the signs and symbols of the re-appearance of Imam (a.s.) Here we will discuss them wholly […]