A survey on the Arrival at the end times in Judaism and Torah

The prophet of jewish religion or the Isael’s sons (Israelites) is Moses (AS). Juaism is one of the great unitarian religions in the world. The jewish holy book is Torah or what is often translated into English as Pentateuch, includes of five books and each book contains of a numerous openings and sevral verses but the interpretation written by the jewish rabbis is named Talmud. Prophet Moses (AS) arouse in 1200 BCE. Special God’s name in this religion is Yahweh. This prophet has an extremely bright figure in The Quran (Muslim Holy Book) and his narratives from the birth, childhood, fosterage by the Pharaoh, rise-up, leading the Israel’ sons and the problems have been recalled. The name of that Excellency in the Quran has come 136 times. In the holy Quran there is a Sura (chapter) as Bani Esrael (Israelites) in which the ups and downs of the Israel’s Sons and their troubles and diversions as well as their suppression by the super powers have been come in general that have some discrepancies when they compared against the history. In any way these verses show that this tribe received divine support times and times but they defied and then abjection stricken. The holy Quran then recalls a rule governing on the history: I you commit vice you would receive vice as response. This is the mystery of ascent and descent for nations and civilizations. Israelites after dissension between themselves, welcomed the beginnings of Roman domination over themselves. The defeated nation bore and grinned types of fierceness and cruelties imposed by the dominants seeking for the hope of an arrival coming and they determinedly believed that God would not leave his chosen people abject and unsupported.

In the Jewish religious texts including Torah Books and other Jewish prophets’ books “The Anointed”, “Savior”, Liberator” , Messiah” and his or their heralds have been mentioned of which we will point a part. If we cite the contexts of Nabuet Ha’yeld (The Prophecies of Childhood) we will encounter to many passages about Prophet Mohammad emerge and his biography as well as his divine dispatch (Be’that). There are also some mentioned parts of the end time’s heralds, The Big Return (Raj’at or Raj’a) as well as some description of Al-Mahdi’s (May Allah Hurry His Coming) character and even some points about Ashurah Event. However since the Jews did not believed The Christ as Messiah logically their The Promised has not emerged yet. If review the Jewish holy writings altogether one can figure three faces out of them:

The Christ (AS)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The Excellency Al-Mahdi (May Allah Hurry His Coming)

Accordingly Messianism in Judaism obtains a special quality and since this race did join neither to The Christ nor Prophet Mohammad it should have been so sensitive to the issue of Eschatology in the view of “The Anointed” according to their own texts and heralds. They must have been more expectant than any other expectants and thought more to expectancy and readiness for “The Emerge”; so it is expected that they give up all their cruelty, betrayal, violence and genocide and fear for all these consequences. They did not accept their two Redeemers but they cannot get redeemed from the third. That’s why some Islamic Quotations say that a group of the Jews will gathered around the Antichrist (Daj’al) and with Al-Mahdi Appearance and Jesus Second Coming and the Antichrist killing they (that group of the Jews who support daj’al) will be also killed and wiped out of the mankind history.

Now let’s refer to few books of Judaism and Old Testament in which there are some passages about The Promised:

The Book of Daniel

Book of Haggai

The Book of Zephaniah

Book of Isaiah

The Book of Daniel which includes of the elapsed days and ancient history talks about the Babylonian captivity: it announces that the world full of evils and vices will eventually end.

The prospect of this novel world and reappeared the Christ as it is contained in the Daniels writings and other sympathetic writers are amongst these concepts that at the end times God will change the world and the righteous will be split from the evil and these days full of cruelties and violations will end but this victory in the Jewish eschatology is led by the Messiah described by appellations like as “The Anointed David’s Son”.

Thus the simple thought of messiah evolved from a warrior who will save his tribe from the aliens to an expectancy for a great glorious king rise from David descendants who will establish a merit administration over Zion Hill by the divine order after God’s soul infusion. That territory will be exemplified in all over the world and other nations will flow unto there to learn about the divine patterns.

We see in the book of Daniel that God say to the Excellency Daniel:

1 “At that time Michael, the great prince who stood over your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress unlike any other from the nation’s beginning up to that time. But at that time your own people, all those whose names are found written in the book, will escape.

2 Many of those who sleep in the dusty ground will awake; some to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting abhorrence.

3 But the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavenly expanse. And those bringing many to righteousness will be like the stars forever and ever.

4 “But you, Daniel, close up these words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will dash about, and knowledge will increase.” (Daniel 12-1~4)

12 Blessed is the one who waits… (Daniel 12-12).

And in Daniel 7:

13 …. And with the clouds of the sky son of man was approaching. He went up to the Ancient of Days and was escorted before him.

14 To him was given ruling authority, honor, and sovereignty. All peoples, nations, and language groups were serving him.

From Book of Isaiah opening 2 a part of verse 2 full verse 4 which are cited as follows:

2 And it shall come to pass in the last days….

4 And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

And in Isaiah 11-9:

9 They will not hurt or destroy each other on my entire holy mountain, because the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.

Other cases from Isaiah Book Opening 11:

4 But he will judge the poor with justice; he will be upright in his decisions for the oppressed people of the earth.

5 Righteousness will be like a belt around his waist, and integrity like a belt around his waist.

8 A baby will be able to play near a cobra’s hole, and a child will be able to put his hand into the nest of a poisonous snake.

And in opening 23:

16 Justice will be dwelled even in the desert, and fairness will be found in the fruitful field.

17 That fairness will bring peace, and it will bring calm and safety forever.

18 My people will live in peaceful places and in secure homes and in calm places of rest.

In Genesis Book in 42:10:

No one will turn aside the scepter from Judah; [a scepter is a symbol of kingship];  the ruler’s staff/mace from between his feet; Judah will rule until Shiloh comes and the nations [peoples]will obey him (Shiloh is the one who has the right of governing and will bring Peace and Health).

And it is come in Prophet Habakkuk (AS) as follows:

The Lord answered me:

2 “Write down the vision; write it clearly on clay tablets so whoever reads it can run to tell others.

3 “It is not yet time for the message [God’s Command] to come true;  For the vision waits an appointed time. But that time is coming soon, the message will come true. It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be delayed”.

5 “…… It [He] gathers other nations for themselves and collects for themselves all the countries”.

And in the Book of Zephaniah chapter 3 verses 6 up to 9 we can study:

6 “I have destroyed nations; their towers [fortresses; strongholds] were ruined. I made their streets empty deserted so no one passes through there anymore. Their cities are ruined;no one lives there at all.

8 Just wait,” says the Lord.

   “Someday I will stand up as a witness. I have decided that I will gather nations and assemble kingdoms. …

A New Day for God’s People

9 “Then I will restore to the people of all nations pure lips; [pure because they worship God instead of idols so that all of them will call on the name of the Lord and worship me together as one; side-by-side.

Also in Zechariah 14

1 The day of the Lord is coming when the plunder you have taken will be divided right in front of you; while you watch.

2 I will bring all the nations together to wage war against Jerusalem. They will capture the city and rob plunder and the houses and attack the women. Half the people will be taken away as captives [into exile], but the rest of the people won’t be taken from the city.

3 Then the Lord will go to war against those nations; he will fight as in a day of battle. You will run just as you did from the earthquake when Uzziah was king of Judah. Then the Lord my God [savior]will come and all the holy ones with him.

9 Then the Lord will be king over the whole world. At that time the Lord will be one, and his name will be the only one.

Here we mentioned a part of the annunciations of a savior in the Jewish holy texts. Amongst these some have been occurred but a part will be accomplished in future. But they accepted the right neither from speech of the Jesus and Muhammad; despite the annunciations of coming these two great prophets has come in their own books but according to Jewish text they will definitely accept the massage from Al-Mahdi’s by his soft and logical tongue unless they defy again for the third time and after all heralds and evidences from their own religion that as the last resort His Excellency will show his sword tongue, however this also will happen when they (a part of the Jews) will have already opened the battle against God Believers.

In any way whether the right covering and right converting Jews accept or not, after The Excellency Moses , Jesus the Christ came and superseded the Moses’ religion and Judaism is now superseded and abrogated so it is christianity by rising Islam by coming Muhammad (PBUH) up to now and it will be so until doomsday. Untill then the only celstial religion available on the Earth which is based on oracle and prophesy will be Holy religion of Islam and Divine Book amongst God’s people will be always Quran. Right now the Promised is Al-Mahdi the twelve Lord (Caliph) after Prophet Muhammad and all announcements and references from the prophets and ancestors are true for Almahdi (May Allah Hurry Coming Him) and comply with his emerge and this is he who is full compliance.

A survey on the Arrival at the end times in Christianity and Gospels

Jesus the Excellency (AS) with a miraculous birth; without father, from his virgin mother Mary the Excellency came to this world. His birth place is in Bethlehem in Judea, and got nurtured in the region of Galilee from Nazareth. Although Christianity like other live religions was originated from the East but in terms of historical development and influence this religion was mainly spread in the West.

The Holy Book of Christians is Gospels which is gathered by four Apostles (the primary disciples of Jesus) and are known as their writers. Current Christian Bible includes of four Gospels which are as follows:

Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Mark

Gospel of John

These Gospels are named canonical Gospels because they came to be accepted as part of the New Testament, or canonical. Indeed other gospels are also available like as Gospel of Barnabas which is less in access than others. Jesus the Christ as said in Holy Quran accompanied with his Apostles propagates his religion. His message takes people attention easily and groups and groups joint him.

According to Quran assertion Jesus introduced some miracles like other previous prophets that’s why he soon gathers remarkable followers.

On the other side experience Jewish leaders consider him as a revolutionary and describe his teachings as dangerous. Since they see his activities against their authority, became his diehard enemies and eventually sentence him to death in Jewish Supreme Court. In the Christian view Jesus the Christ gets crucified and martyred but Quran does not confirm this and recall the Jesus’ destiny by the expression of “But Allah raised him [‘Iesa (Jesus)] up (with his body and soul) unto Himself (and he is in the heavens)” (Al-Nisa-158).

About the Promised (or Arrival) at the end times in the holy texts of this religion also there are more numerous and explicit, the reason is first, the doomed day has gotten closer in terms of time in general and second is less falsification in Christian contexts.

Of course there found no distinct date for Al-Mahdi’s Emerge in the Gospels annunciation and in this regard there is a precise resemblance to Islamic Believe about the time of Emerge:

[ When Will Jesus Come Again? ] 36 “No one knows when that day or time [hour]will be, not the angels in heaven, not even the Son. Only the Father knows. 37 When the Son of Man comes, it will be like what happened during Noah’s time. 38 In those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving their children to be married, until the day Noah entered the boat. 39 They knew nothing about what was happening until the flood came and swept them all away. It will be the same when the Son of Man comes. 40 Two men will be in the field. One will be taken [Al-Mahdi], and the other will be left [Jesus the Christ]. (Matthew 24: 36-40).

In above verses clearly the date and time of End Coming has been consider like as the Noah Flood of which no one was informed even Prophet Noah (AS) himself.

Believe in The Promised (“Son of Man”) or the Arrival is still alive among Christians in current time. In an interview with one of Iranian Christian leaders, he was asked “Are you, Armenians and Christians, awaiting a person or character to come and put big changes on human society?” “Our religion like as many others believes in a person’s coming. Christians have faith in reappearance of Jesus the Excellency” he replied, “Indeed all Christians believe this, because Jesus the Excellency himself has announced this and this has mentioned in the Bible in which Jesus the Excellency has said: “I now departure and will return”. Even our church has declared one its holyday Sundays as “Return Sunday””.

About the Promised in the end times most of the promises have referred as “Son of Man” which has iterated more than 80 times in canonical Gospels and non-canonical Gospels of which only 30 cases comply with Jesus The Christ and rest 50 times talk about a savior who will emerge at the end times and “Jesus will come with him and give him glory”. But now let’s study some passages of the Bible:

From Matthew 25:

31 “The Son of Man will come again in his great glory, with all his angels. He will be King and sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations of the world will be gathered before him, and he will separate them into two groups as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 The Son of Man will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

34 “Then the King will say to the people on his right, ‘Come, my Father has given you his blessing [ those blessed by my Father]. Inherit the kingdom [that]God has prepared for you since [from the time of]the world was created. (Matthew 25:31-34).

May Allah Hurry Coming Him

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